The Bear at the doorstep: Is Europe ready for potential continental conflict?

A leaked German secret military document indicates that Europe might be drafted into full-blown armed conflict with Russia if Ukraine becomes militarily incapable of continuing the war. As the war still rages on over the flatlands of Eastern Ukraine, the status of the armies across Europe is raising doubtful assessments among decision makers to deter military aggressions from Russia. Since 2022, The defense budget of the Russian military has drastically increased by three-digit numbers (recent 2024 defense budget was numbering at 376.7 billion euros. The lost numbers of equipment are being replenished as Rostec managed to build up production of tanks by 7 times, armored vehicles by 4.5 times, artillery and MLRS by 2.5 and ammunition of various types by 60% in a single year according to TASS. In 2023, the Russian military received over 1500 tanks, 22 thousand drones and thousands of armored and non-armored vehicles. Despite the huge losses incurred by Ukrainians, the war machine of Russia finally awakens from its hibernation. The pace of the war taught Russia pride-gulping lessons as the Russian military improvises its tactics such as digging tunnels under the noses of Ukrainians. The giant bear might finally cling its claws over Eastern Ukraine. Thus, Europe will face increasing risks of military confrontation with Russia since the collapse of the Soviet Union. But can Europe (primarily major European countries) be able to contain future aggression?